Websites that mean business

Your website is vital to business success. It’s the first point of contact for prospects and customers who want information on your products and services or your company. If the website works effectively, they’ve made their buying decision, before they even visit a store.

So, is your website doing the business? In our experience, an effective website meets a number of important requirements:

  • Integrates with your business objectives.

  • Aligns with your company branding.

  • Loads quickly.

  • Appears consistently on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs.

  • Achieves high search engine ranking.

  • Measurable.

Those principles guide our website design and delivery services. We begin by understanding your business objectives and your brand’s strengths and differentiators. That ensures we can develop a proposal that will improve your business performance and meet your key objectives.

The site design will align with your branding and incorporate content that presents the same consistent messaging and visual elements as your other marketing communications. To ensure visitors can view your site correctly on any device, we use responsive design techniques. This means the layout adjusts automatically to any size screen.

Speed is essential too. Statistics indicate that 40 percent of shoppers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and Google currently make speed one of their top ranking factors. We incorporate special plugins to maximise speed and work with UK hosting companies that deliver loading speed improvements of 30 to 60 percent.

However, search engine ranking doesn’t just depend on speed. That’s why we work with SEO experts who are accredited Google Partners to optimise your site and ensure visitors find it ahead of your competitors. To drive more traffic to your site, we can develop and integrate other activities like email, social media and online marketing – all with the same consistent branding and messaging.

Finally, to ensure the site delivers the business benefits you want, we incorporate powerful analytics to measure the most important aspects of performance.

You can use our services to develop a new website or update your existing site. That’s important because website technology and ranking factors continue to evolve. For many of our clients, we are working on a third or fourth generation site, helping them take advantage of the latest developments.

If you would like to see how we have helped other clients improve their web performance, take a look at our case studies, or give us a call to find out more.