SKN–RG is a range of award-winning organic skincare products created by a leading skincare expert. The products use only the finest natural, organic ingredients and feature cutting-edge enzymes, fermentations and pro-biotic formulations.

These products had a strong reputation, but the existing branding and packaging did not reflect the values, qualities or price point of the product. The company wanted to rebrand its range, creating a stronger market position.


  • Reposition the brand as a premium, aspirational product.
  • Create a brand image that emphasises the product’s natural qualities.
  • Develop packaging that would stand out in retail outlets.
  • Rationalise the product range to give consumers a clearer choice.


  • Create a strong distinctive brand.
  • Position the product as desirable and aspirational.
  • Use a red and orange palette, which is unique in skincare.
  • Highlight the Buddhist connection.
  • Redesign packaging to reduce visual conflict and create a stronger shelf presence.


  • Strong sales growth.
  • Increased retail distribution.
  • Entry into additional international markets.


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Literature