Downey is a specialist printer with over a century of experience and an enviable portfolio of high-profile clients. The company balances traditional craft skills and specialist techniques such as engraving, foiling and letterpress with modern high-volume production facilities.

The company wanted to reposition itself in the market to appeal to a new generation of designers and prospects in a wider market.

Downey and Phelan Barker have been working together now for over two years and the design work being produced continues to improve. James and his excellent team are always on hand to discuss ideas and ways we can improve our visuals for marketing.

Being a bespoke printer, we needed a designer who could understand the print processes involved and be eager to explore the possibilities of getting the maximum production out of a design, Phelan Barker achieve this to an excellent standard.

Leo Turner – Downey


  • Position the business as a partner to designers.
  • Demonstrate the link between design and print through creatively-led solutions.
  • Communicate the company’s rich capability and skills through printed examples.
  • Use printed examples to build confidence in designers and print buyers.


  • Create high-quality promotional material that demonstrates advanced printing capabilities.
  • Combine contemporary design with traditional print techniques.
  • Develop a highly visual creative form of presentation.


  • Increased awareness among designers.
  • Built a wider client base.
  • Established credibility and confidence in new target markets.


  • Marketing Literature
  • Exhibition Design