Creative Quills

Creative Quills is a creative copywriting consultancy, based in Essex. The company offers a wide range of writing and editorial services for conventional and digital media.

The company wanted to rebrand and reposition itself following a change of name. It also wanted to communicate a wide range of service offerings that would create a basis for building long-term client relationships.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Phelan Barker on our company rebrand. Through their guidance and support, we have been able to transform our image from aspiring start up, to professional creative agency. Since this evolution, we have seen a huge increase in not only the number of enquiries we receive, but also the scope of the projects too.

This is thanks to the brand image that Phelan Barker has so painstakingly crafted. It has given us the confidence to explore previously inaccessible marketplaces and we are seeing fantastic growth as a result.

Tom Broome – Creative Quills


  • Position the company as a business partner providing essential communication skills.
  • Make clients and prospects aware of the wide range of writing services available.
  • Demonstrate the creativity and business value of Creative Quills’ services.


  • Create a brand that reflects the company’s professionalism, creativity and business value.
  • Develop and share content that demonstrates the potential and value of copywriting.
  • Explain the scope and benefits of the range of services.
  • Use a visual treatment to highlight the characteristics of Creative Quills’ content that delivers, promotes, achieves, excites and explains.


  • Improved the company’s market positioning.
  • Increased awareness of the company’s services, helping build more repeat business.
  • Generated higher numbers of enquiries.


  • Branding
  • Stationery
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Literature